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I’m from Buffalo, NY and married to my amazing wife Leslie. We met in high school and have been married since 2006. We both love and follow Jesus Christ, and for years served in ministry together at The Chapel, a church in the Buffalo area where Jerry Gillis is the lead pastor. Today I continue to serve at The Chapel as the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor, while Leslie now has the privilege of raising our children full time. I absolutely love my job; getting to see God work in this community and getting to work alongside some awesome people.

I’m also a huge fan of recreational boating. Leslie and I spend a lot of our summers out on the water. I grew up with boats, so its something just built into me to want to be out there.

In 2011, Leslie and I had our first child – a boy named Jackson. In 2013, we were blessed again with the birth of our second child – a daughter named Mila. In 2015, we were blessed with our third child – a boy named Logan. What a joy and life change it has been as we learn to be parents. So excited for this life journey and the path that God has us on!

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