The 4th of July

The 4th of July had new meaning this year, as most things have since September 19th of this past year. Every 4th of July before this has been a time to hang out, grill food, and watch fireworks. All of those same things happened this year, except with one small change. This year, as I sat on the lawn and watched the fireworks in the air, I found myself looking more at my 9 month old son, Jackson’s face.

For him, this was a 1st – everything has been, this being his 1st year of life – and watching the glow of the fireworks reflect off his little face as he stared up at them was just so cool. What could be going this his mind in seeing these and hearing the accompanying booms? He has no idea yet why we do this – no sense of the pride that we take in our country and the reasons for celebrating independence. Yet I know he will someday, and I was excited to be witness to his first 4th of July.

As has been a regular occurrence (and many other parents tell me continues to be) I can’t help but think of God’s perspective of me when I look at my perspective of my son. God knows the path before me. He knows the reasons for things that I have yet to figure out, and He is excited for the experiences I have yet to have ahead. My vantage point is one where everything is new and I don’t know what’s next. I do know that my heavenly Father does know what’s next, and I can trust Hiim.

It was too dark to get a picture of Jackson’s face watching the fireworks, but it was a sight I won’t soon forget and a day to remember!

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