The Flintstones!

“Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones. They’re the modern stone age family. “



This is year #3 for our Halloween fun and lasting memories. For Jackson’s first year, he was Batman, complete with a tricked out Batmobile. Check that out here. Last year we get the whole gang together – Jackson, his sister Mila, and cousins Noah and Finn – and did up the Mario Bros theme. Check that out here.

Well, we’re not stopping in the memory-making department and so this year we set out to create the Flintstones!

Here are some construction pictures:


It was a blast to make, and this year both Jackson and Mila were excited to help in the building process. Jackson asked almost every day if he could bring his tools outside and help me build the Flintstone car. They had a blast! The car itself is just 2x4s and plywood riding on pneumatic casters. The “wood sides” are pool noodles covered in a fiberglass substance. The “stone wheels” are sonotubes covered in body filler. For the roof, we just took 2x4s and ran them through the table saw to create the carved wood look, then attached some fabric.

All of the kids have had a blast with it so far! We’ve visited two local malls this week to trick-or-treat. Fred Flintstone (Jackson – 3yrs old), Barney Rubble (Noah – 2 yrs old), Pebbles (Mila – 21 months), and Bamm-Bamm (Finn – 15 months) round out this year’s crew. As I said in our very first year with the Batmobile, we’re doing this to create a lasting memory – we will remember it! The huge added bonus this year has been the great time we’ve spent as a family building the car and anticipating the chance to use it. We’re looking forward to some trick-or-treating around our neighborhood tonight!


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