On a roll…

Do you ever feel sometimes like you’re on a roll? I do. My efficiency tends to come in spurts, and usually weeks or months at a time. All of a sudden, I feel like I can accomplish so much! These peaks are in stark contrast to the other spurts where I feel bogged down and totally unable to get anything done. I found myself wondering today what makes that difference, that difference between the times when things seem to flow well and the times when everything is a grind.

In this instance, for me, there are three major observations that I believe have contributed to this surge in efficency:

#1 – Passion
The tasks I have been completing aren’t just tasks; they are items I am extremely passionate about. I take them on as challenges, not just stuff in the “to-do” pile. This passion only adds to the sense of accomplishment when I see progress being made.

#2 – Milestones
Milestones of success along the way allow me to feel that progress is being made. One of the major projects I am working on right is something that won’t be completed for months, maybe even years. Yet along the process, there are major victories that allow me to see
this work is making a difference. That’s important! When we work on projects that only have one point where we see success and those points are so far off in the distance, our motivation is challenged at times. Worse yet, sometimes we are presented with projects we don’t have the opportunity of seeing the benefit of completion on. Looking for ways to celebrate those accomplishments along the way will do a lot for that feeling of satisfaction in work.

#3 – Reliance on God’s strength
I am so guilty of relying on my own strength at many times; my own problem solving, my own enegery to stay up late and work through an issue, and lots of other ways of being self-reliant. Right now, I have been spending a lot of time just reading and meditating on God’s Word. People always say “leave it up to God” or they flippantly quote part of the verse ” cast your cares…” Its more than that. When we plug into Him and allow Him to flow through us, we literally will feel the strength coming from somewhere than ourselves.

Hoping and praying for this surge to continue. Of all these points, remembering #3, keeping God in the focus, will be key to staying energized and passionate.

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