Maid Of The Mist experience

I have lived in the Buffalo, NY area all of my life. That also means that I live about 15 minutes from Niagara Falls. The falls, for those of us who live here, is a norm that we often forget about and rarely visit. When someone comes in from out of town, they usually can’t wait to go and see this natural wonder, but as with any home tourist attraction, we don’t go much unless it’s with a visitor.

However, Leslie and I have a new perspective right now, since we have a little guy who is experiencing everything for the first time. So, one of the things on our list this summer was to go see Niagara Falls and take a ride on “The Maid Of The Mist”, a company of boats that takes you right up near the bottom of the falls. This boat ride tourist attraction has been operating since 1846, and it is the last year that it will operate in the Niagara Gorge. Another company will take its place, but the tradition of The Maid Of The Mist will be lost. So, we wanted to get Jackson on a ride before it was all over!

While we don’t often to look at the falls, the vantage point from down at the lower river level is spectacular. Niagara Falls truly is a natural wonder, and getting to show it to Jackson (although he won’t remember that experience) was really fun for us. Someday, we can tell him that he got to ride on The Maid Of The Mist during it’s last year of operation in the Niagara region.


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