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I read an incredible book over the weekend. Well, I should say I read an incredible book yesterday. I couldn’t put the thing down and read the whole thing in a few hours. “Less Clutter. Less Noise.” by Kem Meyer. Kem is the Director of Communications at Granger Community Church, and wow does she have a great perspective. Here are just a few quotes out of the book that really resonated with me, both personally and for my church:

“Your life bears a message, a message of hope and redemption. But, before people in your world encounter your message, they encounter you.”

So true! If this doesn’t say “get out of your own way,” then I don’t know what does. Sometimes we wonder why people have a strange perspective on churches, Christians, or even us. Maybe its because when they encounter us, we are a negative experience even if the message itself is awesome.

“Instead of asking questions such as, “How do I convince my boss that we need to run everything through me before we print it?” or ‘How do I get people to follow the logo guidelines?’, the questions should be ‘How can I clear hurdles to help people do their best work?’ and ‘Am I doing what I need to do so others can do what they need to do?'”

What can I do so others can do what they need to do? Servant-minded!

“Help yourself see more by looking past your beliefs.” What have we fallen in love with that is not as effective as it used to be? Where are we working hard with little return? What are we doing out of habit without remembering why? Where are we manufacturing energy?

This applies to the church and to individuals. If we want to be effective, using the same old methods just because they are comfortable is a crazy strategy!

There’s so much more good stuff in this book. Its a great read, especially if you are in church leadership of any kind. Check it out!

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